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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Welcome to the new website for The Road Between series, by Stacy Keenan.

If you’re reading this post: thank you for visiting. If you found it via Google, even better!

Needle in a book stack

Why build a website? I launched The Road Between last fall and periodically Google it—I check to see if I can easily find it online. I’ve discovered that it only pops up if I enter my full name and book title. Same goes when I search on any of the retailers’ sites. And that’s a problem. If your potential audience can’t find or discover your book, how will they read it?

Self-published challenges

Marketing a self-published book takes time and money. I’d lean more towards money. Writing and publishing a novel is one thing; promoting it online is another. So, I did some research. Having worked in corporate marketing departments, I know enough to be dangerous. But could I apply that knowledge and be effective?

I marketed the book heavily during October since the story takes place around Halloween. And because <spoiler alert> it is about vampires. I ran ads on Facebook and Instagram. The ads increased my page likes but did not translate into book sales. I also created author profiles on Amazon, BookBub, and Goodreads. I have a dedicated Facebook and Instagram account.

Ride or die, fail, or fly.”

That’s my motto. When I venture into anything new, it’s to the point of obsession. Completing the series will take three years. Since the launch—besides working on The Road Ahead—I’ve been working on a better marketing game plan.

If you’re reading this—it’s working.

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