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Trip to the attic

Halloween books

Recently, I went through some boxes of childhood books. I was looking for a particular one—Tilly Witch, by Don Freeman. What I found was a treasure trove of books I had forgotten about.


When I was in grade school, we would get the Scholastic Book Club flyer. Back then, it was pre-internet. The books offered were pictured, with a description. I loved to read—so much so, that I had a fifth-grade reading level in first grade. I devoured books like candy and would check off numerous titles. My parents would write a check, and I would gleefully hand in the envelope to my teacher.

Magical. I couldn't wait for the books to arrive.
The Witch Who Saved Halloween Marian T. Place

I realized was that most of the titles I chose from the book club were the ones in the photos, which is uncanny. Witches, ghosts—all Halloween related. I don’t recall if there were any stories about vampires. I’m sure if there were, I have them in a box somewhere.

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